What you want to use is the SPFieldLookupValueCollection object which will allow you to specify multiple lookup values for a field value. 3. You could create a company A, and relate two. I don't want to just pull in the values of a picklist.

Select multiple values from a lookup field in a record salesforce

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Given a specific record, obtain both the full set of available values and the currently selected values in the form of a List of Strings.

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You can create a multi select component that will display all the available options, where the user can select one or more records as per your requirement.

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Returns both the number of matches and the total number of records. Add Filter Logic.

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Add both lookup fields in the form and view. You can add up to six filter fields to the Selected Fields list. . RecordId — type text, single value, available for input. Monitor and Troubleshoot External Change Data Capture. Dec 23, 2019 · Store lookup values in the flow.

You can now see the Apex script for the records.

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Record IDs for Salesforce Connect External Objects.

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May 18, 2023 · If the Source Value is Salesforce Object Field, you must select a value.

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Schema Update Support.

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Disable— If checked, this mapping row will not execute.

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